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Ideal Garbage Disposal Repair Service Puyallup WA

Nothing can be more frustrating than having a jammed garbage disposal. Whether it is not working properly or making noises that may be the precursor to a broken device, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. If your garbage disposal jams or is humming follow the next steps:

1.  Turn the unit off for safety. Then carefully remove any thing from the grinding chamber.

2.  When your unit is turned off, use an unjamming tool at the bottom of you device. Turn it clockwise. When the unjamming tool turns freely remove the source of the jam. If the unit is not working, press the red button at the bottom of the device. If the unit emits the hum and resets again it is still jammed. At this point you need to repeat steps 2 and


Something to consider: Always run cold water in the sink when you operate the unit.


Run your garbage machine often to ensure waste does not build up under your sink.

No need to worry about the daily electricity demands of you garbage disposal. The electricity use of a unit is minimal. You use about the water equivalent of one or two flushes of a toilet when using your garbage disposal with water. Run cold water when you use your garbage disposal. Using a Appliance repair garbage disposal in conjunction with a septic system will lead to more frequent service of your septic system. Be aware that harder objects like chicken bones may cause jams in your unit.


Even then if the problem persist give us a call and we will be there to serve you.