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Inexpensive Washing Machine Repair Service Puyallup WA

The day you go to do a load in your washing machine and it is not working is the day you need to call us. It is not advisable for someone without the right skills and knowledge to attempt to fix a washing machine. Attempting repairs without the right skills and knowledge is dangerous and could potentially result in serious injury or even a fatality.


There are many things you can do to reduce the need of repairs. By maintaining and caring for your washing machine you will keep your machine running smoothly and efficiently. Without this effort your washing machine may overwork and use more electricity to get the job done. See the 10 tips as listed below that will save you money and extend the life of your washing machine:


·    Keep the feet on your machine level to avoid bouncing which could damage your machine

·   Take care of your hoses by connecting them to faucets carefully. By turning the faucets on and off before and after you run a wash you will extend the life of you hoses

·    Change your lint filter often

·    Use the right amount of detergent

·     Make your loads the right size to prevent overloading in order to prevent pressure on hoses

·     Use warm water to save money and energy

·     Wash a large load as opposed to two small ones

·     Presoak very dirty clothes and use a short cycle for all your delicate items


Further help with your broken washing machine is a phone call or email away.